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Uitsig Primary School aims to help pupils identify their talents in a caring, innovative and stimulating environment.  Children receive a holistic education, incorporating both academic and extramural activities. 

The school offers superb and modern facilities including a media centre, computer lab, centres for art and physical science and classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids.  The school now also offers 2 African Languages as FAL from grade 1 – 7. 

The combination of strong academics, excellent competitive sport and a diverse and vibrant cultural programme lays the foundation for a  balanced education and provides opportunities for a  wide variety of pupils with differing talents. 

Pupils are also encouraged to participate in community service projects.  Uitsig is committed to playing it’s role in building a democratic, non-discriminatory SA.



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FEDSAS had the opportunity to test the online admission system on 15 May 2019 on behalf of our members. We can further report that the system underwent major changes based on our input, confirming that GDE acknowledges the deficiencies that we reported earlier. Based on our interaction with GDE it was agreed with GDE to postpone the process with one week and that it is now going live on 20 May 2019. The changes to the system and the results of our testing convinced us that the system is ready to launch at 08:00 on 20 May. Parents are encouraged to use the system.

We suggest that parents visit the webpage www.gdeadmissions.gov.za before the actual application process starts to watch the “Video tutorial” and study the “Step-by-Step” guide.

The strongest category for application is Home address. With the first application using the home address, a map will appear reflecting all feeder zones within which the chosen address falls as well as a list of names of all schools with their distance from the chosen address. All applications on this basis are allocated a WA1 number. It is important for parents to note that they may submit a maximum of five applications in total and that any category (living-, working address, and siblings) may be used repeatedly. It is thus beneficial to apply multiple times using home address. The option of 5 applications to schools enable parents to make a preferential choice of school including the language of instruction and/or single-gender schools from this selection of 5 schools, provided that the address falls within the feeder zone of the school.

In summary:

  1. 1. The system will go live on Monday at 08:00 (no testing beforehand)
  2. 2. Parents need to study the guide and view the tutorial video
  3. Apply as early as possible en keep screenshots of possible problems and/or errors
  4. All schools with feeder zones covering the home address will reflect
  5. Multiple applications can be done using any of the categories
  6. The highest priority is the home address
  7. Other categories are:– Siblings (WA2), Work address (WA3), School within 30 km radius (WA4), Focus-/ Speciality School (WA5) and outside 30 km radius (WB)
  8. Keep your username and password for future use - it will be sent via SMS to the registered cell phone number
  9. Deliver documents to the relevant schools within 7 days
  10. Please follow our social media channels over the weekend for breaking news and new information. FEDSAS greetings

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